The Rules Of Nature - CD by Wons Phreely

from Wons Phreely

The Rules Of Nature: Words+Music by Wons Phreely. Produced by David Skeet.

A beautiful yet slightly warped collection of songs… Winding his voice around a sprawling yet uncluttered soundscape of guitars, keys, organ, harmonica, synths, and sampled soundbites... this EP marks its maker as an exciting artist to watch.

the idea-crammed songs on his EP have that same feeling of boundless possibilities, with the lyrics powering through stories about saving the planet, serial killers and political misreporting in the media, and the gorgeous bouncy piano-led music acting as the colourful pictures to go with the stories. Falling somewhere between Ben Kweller’s effortless cuteness and Conor Oberst’s socially provoking themes, it’s surprising to discover that this is Phreely’s first release. Hopefully it won’t be a work of fiction to predict he meets a Gotye-level of success in the coming months. -: RAVE MAGAZINE - SINGLE OF THE WEEK

Immediately intoxicating… it spills over with beautiful rhymes and bubbling melodies… unrelenting in its good humour and energy. Wons’ deft, literary lyricism shines on a fitful folk fable of unexpected melodic twists, Phreely puts his voice out front and winds his sunny way through whipping words of beguiling intelligence. A great new talent.

“There's something self-referential about this music, intelligent and yet emotional all at once. The combination is an intimate one, with each listen drawing you closer to the artist. Wons has the ability to cover all the g rounds of slacker, vaguely postmodern songwriter, and heart-on-his-sleeve modern crooner in short succession...” - Jenn Rogers of SixEyes.blogspot

There is an unmistakable charm to the music of Wons Phreely. It's a beautiful thing… Surely to end up on end-of-year mix tapes around these parts. A fantastic debut, he has the pop sensibility and song writing ability to craft intelligent and slightly unpredictable pieces of music. -: POLAROIDS OF

the narrative style of Ray Davies, making this intelligent and sensitive songwriter one to watch!

he’s the slightly left-of-centre singer-songwriter Australia has been craving…“our most promising no-frills singer-songwriter.

“This six-track EP just might be one of the year’s best albums that’s not an album.” -: INPRESS - SINGLE OF THE WEEK

catchy tunes, clever lyrics and happiness-inducing melodies caused quite a stir amongst Australia’s grassroots quirkypop-aware community. ….The Rules of Nature, is a guaranteed mood-lifter and a promising start for what is bound to be a stellar career…

“it's a very captivating release” -

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Wons Phreely Los Angeles, California

“his songs have the potential to fill the vacant indie poet laureate void, rooted as they are in social realism but with a wry wit replete with the kind of joyful melodies that make you think you can take on the whole damn world. There’s a hint of Springsteen meets Jamie T at a Beck gig”. -: ... more

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